Could a byte read from a file by readUnsignedByte() be written to another file by writeByte().

A good answer might be:

Yes. Both methods use the same part of an int for their data.

File Copy Program

The next example program is a file copy program. The text file copy program (of two chapters ago) did character-based IO with FileReader and FileWriter. It could not be used for binary files. The new copy program will do byte-oriented IO and will work with any file. The program is invoked from the command line, like this:

C:\Programs > java copyBytes sourceFile to destinationFile

As with the previous program, the "to" argument is there to ensure that the user has the files in the correct order. The program operates by reading the original file one byte at a time and writing to the destination file one byte at a time.


What two stream classes are likely to be useful?