A good answer might be:

There are four bytes per 32-bit value, so four ints will be 16 bytes.

Run of the Program

Here is a sample run of the program. The output file is 16 bytes long, as expected. The command window TYPE command will write a text file to the monitor. But with a "binary file" the bytes are not intended to represent characters, and TYPE writes garbage.

C:\Programs>java  WriteInts


06/15/00  06:58p        <DIR>          .
06/15/00  06:58p        <DIR>          ..
06/15/00  06:58p                    16 intData.dat
06/15/00  06:57p                   944 WriteInts.class
06/15/00  06:57p                   581 WriteInts.java

C:\Programs>type intData.dat


Could Notepad be used with "intData.dat"?