A good answer might be:

This is a type cast. It notifies the compiler that it is OK to convert the floating point value to its right into an int.

Complete Star

Here is the complete program that draws a single star in the center of the rectangle:

import java.applet.Applet ;
import java.awt.* ;
import java.lang.Math ;

public class SnowFlakeBasic extends Applet
  Graphics graph;
  private void drawStar( int x, int y, int size )
    int endX, endY ;
    // Six lines radiating from (x,y)
    for ( int i = 0; i<6; i++ )
      endX = x + (int)(size*Math.cos( (2*Math.PI/6)*i ));
      endY = y - (int)(size*Math.sin( (2*Math.PI/6)*i ));
      graph.drawLine( x, y, endX, endY );
  public void paint ( Graphics gr )
    graph = gr;
    int width  = getSize().width;
    int height = getSize().height;
    int min;
    setBackground( Color.white );
    gr.setColor  ( Color.blue  );
    if ( height > width )
      min = height;
      min = width;
    drawStar( width/2, height/2, min/4 );

There is nothing recursive about it yet. This will come next.


Loading an Applet....

Next, to draw the snowflake, stars are drawn at the end of the six lines. Do you already know where these locations are?