A good answer might be:

You need a Web page to use with a Web browser or with the appletviewer.

Web Page

Here is a minimal Web page for use with this applet. The width and height are required, but you may change their values. Copy and paste it to an editor and save it as a file named, perhaps, SnowFlake.html.

<!-- SnowFlake.html -->
<applet code="SnowFlake.class"  width="400" height="400">

Put Snowflake.java and Snowflake.html in the same subdirectory. Compile Snowflake.java and then use the appletviewer.

C:\JavaNotes>javac SnowFlake.java

C:\JavaNotes>appletviewer SnowFlake.html


If you can draw one snowflake, can you draw dozens?