A good answer might be:

Sure. The Java code describes the computation you want done, just like the math-like definition of Triangle.

Complete Program

Here is a complete program for testing this method. The value for N is hard-coded. You might wish to improve the program so that N is entered by the user.

class TriangleCalc
  int Triangle( int N )
    if ( N == 1 )
      return 1;
      return N + Triangle( N-1 );

class TriangleTester
  public static void main ( String[] args)
    TriangleCalc tri = new TriangleCalc();
    int result = tri.Triangle( 4 );
    System.out.println("Triangle(4) is " + result );

Here is the output of the program:

C:\>java TriangleTester
Triangle(4) is 10


Of course, it would be worth while at this point to copy this program to a file and run it.


What is Triangle(500)?