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Gender Buttons

Here is the part of the program for the gender buttons. The buttons are added to (1) genderPanel, which controls their graphic representation on screen, and added to (2) genderGroup, which controls their logical operation.

BoxLayout is used to put the label and the two radio buttons in a vertical column. The JLabel is constructed and added to the panel in a single statement. This is fine, since there will be no need to refer to the label as a variable.

public class IdealWeight extends JFrame
  JRadioButton genderM;
  JRadioButton genderF;
  ButtonGroup  genderGroup;
  JPanel       genderPanel;
  . . . .
  public IdealWeight()  
    // gender group
    genderM = new JRadioButton("Male", true );
    genderF = new JRadioButton("Female", false );
    genderGroup = new ButtonGroup();
    genderGroup.add( genderM );
    genderGroup.add( genderF );
    genderPanel = new JPanel();
      new BoxLayout(_________ , _________));

    genderPanel.add( new JLabel("Your Gender") );
    genderPanel.add( genderM );
    genderPanel.add( genderF );
   . . . . .


Decide on the parameters for BoxLayout and fill in the blanks.