percent = ( (fatGrams * 9) / calories ) * 100 ;

A good answer might be:

No. This calculation is done with integer arithmetic, then the result is converted to double when it is assigned to percent. This is not as accurate as performing the calculation with double.

GUI Design

Here are the variables and the graphical component each corresponds to:

 GUI ComponentGUI Method
int calories JTextField getText()
int fatGrams JTextField getText()
double percent JTextField setText()

Each JTextField will have a JLabel and the whole GUI will have a JLabel at the top to act as a heading. All this is much as in the previous example.

There is something different about this GUI, though. The user inputs two values. The calculation should only be carried out when two values are available. With the previous program, the input JTextField had a listener registered for it. When the user typed something and hit enter, the listener was "fired" and in turn ran the application.


(Design Question: ) Will this method work with the current program?