A good answer might be:

More Circle objects could be constructed in the applet, and their draw() methods called.

Several Circle Objects

The suggested answer is one way to do it. (Another way will be used in a few pages.) Here is the applet, modified to draw three concentric circles:

// assume that the drawing area is 200 by 200
public class TestCircle3 extends Applet
  Circle circ1 = new Circle( 100, 100, 10 );
  Circle circ2 = new Circle( 100, 100, 20 );
  Circle circ3 = new Circle( 100, 100, 30 );
  public void paint ( Graphics gr )
    circ1.draw( gr );    
    circ2.draw( gr );    
    circ3.draw( gr );    

Here is what it draws:

Notice that with the Circle object it was much easier to draw concentric circles than using drawOval() directly.

Although the present definition of the Circle class is useful, it needs more work if it is to be used as a drawing tool.


What (in general) needs to be done to a Circle object so that it will draw another circle in another location?