A good answer might be:


align and cellpadding

Monarch Reign
William I 1066-1087
William II 1087-1100
Henry I 1100-1135
Stephen 1135-1154

As with images, it is possible to position a table to one side of page and have text fill the remaining space. Do this with the align="right" (as with images) attribute inside the table tag. Of course, you can align the table to the left, as well.

Another useful attribute to include inside the table tag is cellpadding="5". This places 5 pixels of padding around each data item in the table. This was done with the table at right.

Also, as with images, put space between the table and the surrounding text using hspace="10" and vspace="10" (use whatever values you want).

In the following table, experiment with different values for these attributes:

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Can a table have many items per row?