A good answer might be:

<a href="PageC.html"> Click Here to go to Page C </a>

Don't forget the quote marks (""). Most browsers let you violate HTML syntax, but the syntax requires the quote marks.

Web Structure

Now look at the picture again:

Answer the following questions by checking with the picture.

QuestionTrue or False
A hyperlink only goes in one direction (ie. from one page to another).
Two pages can link to each other using one hyperlink for each direction.
A page may link to many other pages.
A page must have only ONE hyperlink going to it.
If you keep following links from one page to another,
you may end up at the page you started with.
Every page always links to at least one other page.


A cycle is a path made by following links that leads back to where you started (so it is possible to follow endlessly the same set of links.)

Can web pages be linked into a cycle?