A good answer might be:

Very often you will not know the absolute path to a web page (even one you have created.) So of course you can't use an absolute path name.

Also, even when you are creating a web site on your home computer it is convenient to be able to rearrange things. This is much easier with relative path names.

Link Practice

The picture shows the web site we wish to create. Below are (in simulation) the three disk files that are to be linked. Both Pets and Hobbies are subdirectories of the directory that myHome.html is in.

myHome.html Hobbies/myHobbies.html Pets/myPets.html


Edit the simulated web pages so that their links match the picture. (Since these are not actually disk files you won't be able to see what they do unless you copy each one to Notepad and use Notepad to save each to a file.)