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Heading Tags

<h1>Your Heading </H1>Level 1 Heading
(Most Important)
<h2>Your Heading </H2>Level 2 Heading
<h3>Your Heading </H3>Level 3 Heading
<h4>Your Heading </H4>Level 4 Heading
<h5>Your Heading </H5>Level 5 Heading
<h6>Your Heading </H6>Level 6 Heading
(Least Important)

The body of a web page contains the content: the paragraphs, applets, graphics, tables, and other objects. Headings can be placed in the web page. The table shows the tags used for this.

The words "Heading Tags" on this page are a heading. How a heading is displayed is determined by the browser and by the choices the user has made in the Edit/Preferences menu (Netscape Navigator) or View/Internet Options menu (Microsoft Internet Explorer.)

Level 1 headings are used to give a title to important sections of text. Less important text is given level 2 headings, and so on.


Can you have more than one level 1 heading on a page?