A good answer might be:

A browser will regard the text as one paragraph. Blank lines and extra spaces are ignored. Your browser formats the paragraph like this:

I had called upon my friend Sherlock Holmes upon the second morning after Christmas, with the intention of wishing him the compliments of the season. He was lounging upon the sofa in a purple dressing-gown, a pipe-rack within his reach upon the right, and a pile of crumpled morning papers, evidently newly studied, near at hand.

Skeleton Web Page

A skeleton web page looks like this:




Use lower case for the tags. Your spacing and indenting is ignored.

The entire web page is bracketed between the tags <html> and </html>. The head of the web page is contained between <head> and </head>. The head of a web page contains information about the page, such as its title.

The main content of the page is its body, contained between <body> and </body>. Here is where all your paragraphs of text and applets are put.


(Thought question: ) Could a web page have more than one body?