A good answer might be:

A group of sentences in written material typically separated from other groups by typographic means.

Small Web Page

You know what a paragraph is, of course. Notice that the definition describes the functional role of a paragraph but does not describe how a paragraph is displayed. In HTML a paragraph is placed between these two tags:

paragraph goes here

To be compatible with HTML version 4.0 use small letter "p". Most browsers will also let you use a capital "P" but this is a deprecated feature. You don't have to start the tag in column one. Here is a small web page containing a single paragraph (and some other necessary tags which we will get to in a moment):

Now click to see what this HTML does.

A new browser window will appear with your HTML inside. To exit the window, click on its 'close' button. (Unfortunately, this does not work with all browsers. If it does not work with yours try a different browser; perhaps IE 4.0 or higher).


Add another paragraph to this web page. (Just click after the </p> and start typing.) Don't forget the <p> and </p> tags. (If you forget these tags, things will probably work OK, but practice doing things right.)