A good answer might be:

Image files are very much larger than text files, and take a long time to download. Also, it is much easier to create text than an image.

Changing the Font Size and Color

Your Web page can adjust the size of the font used for a section of text. The following increases the size of the text:

<big> Section of text with new font size.</big>

And you can decrease the size of the text:

<small> Section of text with new font size.</small>

If you want particulary large text do this:

<big><big>Section of text with new font size.</big></big>

To change type color, do this:

<span style="color:red"> Section of text set in red.</span>

Other colors are "black", "blue", "gray", "green", "yellow", and "white". You can combine size and color changes:

<span style="color:red"><big> 
Section of text with new font size and color.

The tags should be properly nested. <big><b> ... </b></big> is properly nested. <big><b> ... </big></b> is not properly nested. Usually browsers work as you expect even with poorly nested tags. Practice these tags in the following:

Insert some font tags, then to see what the HTML does.


There are actually many color names besides the short list mentioned. Guess a few others, "fuchsia", "lightgoldenrodyellow", and "aqua" for instance, and change the tags in the example to see if they work.