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Character Formatting

The tags in the following table are used to specify different fonts. Some of the tags are functional; others explicitly call for a particular type of font. For example the emphasis tags <em> and </em> are functional because they say that the enclosed text should be emphasised, but don't say how to do it. Usually a browser will set the text in italic type. The italic tags <i> and </i> explicitly say to use italic type.

<em> ... </em>EmphasisThis is emphasised!
<i> ... </i>ItalicThis is italic.
<strong> ... </strong>Strong emphasis!!!It is SO important that you study these notes!!!
<b> ... </b>BoldfaceAlright, maybe not that important.
<code> ... </code>Computer code example.System.out.println("Hello World!");
<tt> ... </tt>Typewriter font.The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown cow.
<u> ... </u>Underline.Underlining everything looks bad! You will irritate the reader!


Do you think

<b><i>Bold Italic Type</i></b>

will work?