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In the current standard, the tags are lower case. But browsers usually let you use upper case.

Web Pages as Text Files

The example web pages such as the one below never become files on your hard disk. On your computer they exist only in the main memory being used by the browser. As a security feature, browsers do not read or write files to your hard disk unless you ask it to. Use File/Save As in the menu bar. Or you can copy text from any web page into Notepad and save the text to a disk file:

  1. Start Notepad (or other text editor).
  2. Put the mouse at the top of the example (in the text box), hold the left mouse button down, and drag to the bottom of the example.
  3. The text you want should be highlighted.
  4. Click "Edit/Copy" in the browser menu to copy the text to the clipboard.
  5. In Notepad, click "Edit/Paste" to paste from the clipboard to the editor.
  6. Now (in Notepad) click "File/Save as" to save to a disk file.
  7. Give the disk file a name that ends in the extension .htm or .html

Once you have done this, you can look at the file with your browser (navigate to it using File/open or File/open page from the menu) or click on it in Windows explorer.

Click to see what this HTML does.


Save the "web page" in the text area to a disk file. Or not, if it all seems clear to you.