A good answer might be:

Omitting and ending tag like </h1> makes a mess of the page.

Centering Text

Some browsers center important headings; others do not. Strictly speaking, whether a heading is centered or not is a formatting decision and should be left to the browser. The <h1> ... </h1> tags describe the function of the text they contain. However, web authors like to have some control over the presentation of their content.

To center a heading or a paragraph (or anything else) use these tags:

<div align="center"> stuff to be centered </div>

div stands for "division". The align="center" describes what type of division you want. You can also have align="right" and align="left".

Here is a web page. Insert some div tags to center the heading and the second paragraph. (Remember that you can use "copy", "cut", and "paste" from the edit menu of your browser with the text in the box.)

Then click to see what this HTML does. Then change it as suggested and click again.


Try align="left" and align="right" with the second paragraph. The ending tag is </div> for all versions of the div tag.